Neil Crosby

Web developer, problem solver, tinkerer, sharer.
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About Me

I am Neil Crosby, a web developer who likes to scratch an itch and solve problems. According to my friends, I own half the domains on the internet, but things really aren't that bad yet.

I generally use PHP on the backend, not because I have huge love for the language, but because I know how to use it. Generally I'm of the mind that I would rather come up with solutions to problems that are annoying me rather than learning the language of the month.

I am a generalist. I know a bit about many things, which comes from my love of taking something that annoys me and trying to make it better. If I don't know how to do something there's a good chance I'll know who to ask to be able to get it done.

I'm a huge fan of continuous and automated testing of code. I feel that automated testing has a large role to play in reducing the "dumbass" mistakes which everyone makes, no matter how good they are at their jobs. This is no more important than on the frontend, which is currently generally ignored when people talk about automated testing processes.

I love to share. The code that I write outside of work is generally released under a Creative Commons Sharealike Attribution licence. My view is that wherever practicable, knowledge should be shared as that is how progress is made.

I have previously been known as both "thevoicewithin" and "workingwithme" on the internets, but now I simply go by "NeilCrosby", which is much less confusing for all involved.

I wear t-shirts. I also blog about them. I love to build Lego models. I don't drink beer, but I do like a nice dark rum. I am as tall as I am but no taller. I am who I am, and I am happy with who he is.